FFA stays busy amidst Covid cancelations


Ashlynn Shea, Staff Writer

The FFA organization is a prominent club throughout JCHS and has continued to stay active with the COVID-19 restrictions this year. Laura Miller is the advisor and keeps her members active with encouraging participation in Career Development Events. Multiple members are working on their Agriscience Fair projects to compete at virtual State FFA Convention on May 17th and 18th.

The hard-working students listed below are already conducting their projects and receiving results to come to a conclusion. Junior Jasmine Bruce and junior Juliana Throckmorton are working together to determine how different colored lights affect germination and emergence rate. Sophomore Mikayla Dibben is conducting a sensory analysis of milk alternatives. Sophomore Madison Jacobs is determining the influence of social media’s role on consumer choices. Sophomore Lily Cartwright and sophomore Jada Harding are determining the attitudes and perceptions towards the green new deal and senior Ashlynn Shea is determining attitudes and perceptions of industrial hemp production in KS, NE, MO, OK, and CO.

The FFA organization is also holding interviews to those who completed the application for new chapter leadership next year. Miller does a great job keeping these students involved in FFA with leadership positions, Career Development Events, and Supervised Agriculture Experiences. It’s a great organization for students interested in constant involvement and immersive experiences.