Staff Spotlight: Donna Miller

Ryan Macrae Delacruz, Staff Writer

Many students appear to dislike their math class; however, it can help to have a great teacher. One such teacher is Donna Miller. She has been teaching here, at Junction City, for seventeen years. Miller teaches Geometry, Algebra, College Algebra, College Trigonometry, and Statistics. She didn’t always want to be a teacher though; at one point she was an accountant, and even has a degree in accounting. She has a bachelor’s in education, a master’s in curriculum mastery, and an ELL (English Language Learner) endorsement.

“She is an amazing teacher. She is very understanding when it comes to a student’s struggle and is always willing to help students correct their mistakes. She understands when students can and cannot do something and helps them to better their understand and knowledge. She’s an all-around great teacher,” said Junior Ryan Dela Cruz.

Miller is an outstanding teacher. She gives students the ability to learn from their mistakes and she is kind and compassionate. Like anyone, she can have her frustrations, but never gets angry at the students.