The Blue Jay





Announcements for today!

  • Good Morning Junction City Blue Jays; today is Friday, September 24, 2021. Here are your announcements for today.   
    • Attention FFA members, new and returning!  We will be holding our first meeting on Friday, September 24th in Room S122.  See you there! 
    • Want to Join Sophomore Committee and help with the Homecoming Dance.  Dues are $2 and can be paid before and after school in A103 or B221.   
    • FCCLA members old and new and leadership team we will be having an FCCLA meeting in Room B116 Friday at the beginning of advisory. Please bring a pencil/pen with you, We will need some volunteers before the football game Friday night as well as a couple during the game. 🙂 If you have questions contact Ms. Erichsen in B116 
    • The Homecoming Dance is October 2 from 8-11.  Only JCHS students in good standing can attend.  cost will be $5 at the Door ONLY.  Business Casual dress is recommended and facemasks are required.  One Team – One Family – Hope to see everyone at the 1st Dance at the New JCHS. 
    • Next week is Spirit Week as we celebrate for Homecoming. The Spirit Days are: 
    • Monday – That’s Cap Day 
    • Students and Staff may wear their favorite hat/cap but no hoods.  
    • Tuesday – Funny Family Photo Shoot 
    • Students and staff may dress in similar attire in order to take a “Family Photo” with their Advisory or friend group; Allowed attire: Colored/Sprayed Hair and Wigs; Not Allowed attire: Full Body/Face Paint, Hoods Worn on Head 
    • Wednesday – Team Fanatic Day  
    • Students and staff may dress up in their favorite “team” attire. i.e., Colleges, sports, cinematic universe; Allowed attire: MINIMAL Face Paint, Colored/Sprayed Hair, Wigs and Hats; Not Allowed attire: Full Body/Face Paint, Hoods Worn on Head, Skin-Tight Clothing 
    • Thursday – Teacher Twin Day 
    • Students and Staff may dress in their best interpretation of any JCHS teacher or faculty member; Allowed attire: Colored/Sprayed Hair and Wigs; Not Allowed attire: Hoods Worn on Head 
    • Friday – Game Day (Blue Jay Wear) 
    • Students and Staff may express their school spirit by wearing and displaying their creativeness using the school colors: Royal Blue and White; Allowed attire: MINIMAL Face Paint, Colored/Sprayed Hair; Wigs, All in School Colors; Not Allowed attire: FULL BODY/FACE PAINT  
    • Throughout the week no clothing will be permitted if it is not school appropriate. 


Be Bold, Be Blue, Go Blue Jays!