Superintendent Candidate Profile: Dr. Paul Gordon

December 10, 2018


Lexe West

Dr. Paul Gordon answers questions from the community about his qualifications at a meet and greet on December 5th, 2018.

Biography & Experience

Dr. Paul Gordon currently resides in Glen Ellyn, Illinois with his wife Marianne Gordon. The Gordon’s have been in Glen Ellyn since 2013 when Dr. Gordon took on the position of superintendent of District 41. Dr. Gordon had worked his way up through the chain of command by first beginning his career as an English and Reading teacher. From there he was promoted to assistant principal and then again to the overall principal. Outside of Denver, Colorado, Dr. Gordon became the Chief Academic Officer for the 42,000 student Adams 12 Five Star School District where he oversaw concerns such as curriculum, innovation, grants, and strategic planning for students and teachers.

Dr. Gordon began his journey towards a profession in education by first receiving his bachelor’s degree in English and Secondary Education from the Metropolitan State University. His work and learning here catapulted him into a master’s program at the University of Phoenix in Administration and Supervision. Finally, Gordon acquired his Doctorate in Educational Leadership and Change from Fielding Graduate University.

During his time in Glen Ellyn, Dr. Paul Gordon has been working to enhance the learning environment for students by working with them, their parents, and teachers throughout the community. Dr. Gordon’s goal has been to ensure that students are academically prepared, globally aware, and bi-literate. In the five years, Gordon has spent as superintendent, he has achieved many feats such as replacing 28 portables with brick and mortar classrooms, implemented problem-based learning, and developed a strategic long-range plan for the district, as well as many other things.


Why USD 475?

“I think the complexity of this district is really unique. I think the military aspect is very unique, that is not something I have in my background. The piece that you will get with me- I’m really honest. I’ll tell you the things I have strengths in and I will tell you the places you I have weaknesses in. Not having that military aspect is something that I am learning- something I learned today from a number of our principals who were kind enough to share some time with me. But, my “why” is always about making a difference in kids’ lives. This is an opportunity to make a significance in kids’ lives. It’s also an opportunity to make a difference in adults’ lives. That is my “why”. This is about seeing a community and seeing something different. My vision is quite simple: I want students to thrive. I want students to experience education in a unique way that allows them to be inquisitive. That’s my vision. I want students to be inquisitive, I want students to thrive, I want students to have a thirst for knowledge that is unheard of. I believe that the greatest thing that we can give any kid is the ability to think.”


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