The Blue Jay Mascot History


Neptali Vessichelli, Staff Writer

One key component to the history of Junction City High School is our mascot. The school has been open for more than a century, and throughout that time the school and mascot have changed in many ways.

It all started in the 1920’s, where the athletic programs were called the “Blue J’s”. This was because of our colors and our hometown, Junction City. Although we had that name, we did not have a mascot at this time.

In January of 1923 a club for spirited students called the “Jay Birds” was established. Thus, our mascot was formed. It would be a felt Blue Jay worn on white sweaters worn by students.

The mascot was a key part of home games and entertainment for the community.  Students were picked by the student body out of a ballot of good students. This was up until 1974, where assumingly the mascot was privately picked and kept a secret from others.

1928 became the last years of the Blue “J”, as the next year our yearbook, The Pow Wow, would use Blue Jays instead. And it became the official team name and mascot for our school. Since then we have had variations of the image of the “Blue Jay” leading up to the logo we recognize today.