Senior Elyse Nguyen is accepted to Yale University


Governor’s Scholar Senior Elyse Nguyen gets accepted to Yale University.

Naomi Alarcon Rivera, Staff Writer

Senior Elyse Nguyen found out she was accepted to Yale after school on Tuesday, April 6th. She was more shocked than anything. It took her a few seconds to comprehend that she had just gotten into Yale. It was super surreal to her and she was overwhelmed with emotions.

When she realized exactly what had happened, she ran out to her family, and told them the good news. Nguyen had said that Yale is one of those school that even if you’re good you can’t really be sure you’ll get in. She couldn’t believe she had just gotten into one of the most elite colleges in this country.

“I think that’s like the best way to put it like when I saw that admissions decision I was just like blown away like I couldn’t believe it like I was rereading it like making sure this has my name on it says like, I got it and I wasn’t like hallucinating,” Nguyen said.

Yale had always been on her radar since she was a little kid because of its prestige, but as she got older, she was even more drawn to its humanities focused academics and whenever she attended any Yale information sessions or talked to people who went to Yale, they all had something in common. They all said so many great things about the community and people there.

Nguyen is a first generation student from her family to attend college. She applied for in-state colleges as well as Yale and a few others but Yale was always her first dream choice.

“No matter where you come from, how much money you have, what educational background you have, who is helping you, you definitely can reach your dreams,” Nguyen said. “It’s just a matter of working hard and knowing what you want.”