Teacher Feature: Lisa Lawhorn


Lisa Lawhorn, the Audio/Visual Production teacher, assists a student on September 21.

Jake Hermanson, Staff Writer

Lisa Lawhorn is a new teacher at Junction City High School. She is a member of the FAHS Academy, in the Audio Visual and Communications career cluster.

Below is a Q&A to help her students get to know her a little better.

1: Are you from Kansas?

“No, my husband works for the army so we PCS’d here.”

2: Where were you originally from?

“Sylvester, Georgia.”

3. What classes do you teach?

“AV Production, Graphic Design, and Digital Media.”

4: What class do you most enjoy to teach?

“I would probably have to say Audio Video Production.”

5: How long have you been teaching?

“[This will be] my second year.”

6: Did you have another job before becoming a teacher?

“Yeah, I actually worked for a newspaper for two years before becoming a teacher.”

7: Is there anything that is unique about you that students notice?

“I would say I’m a nice teacher, I’m kind. I firmly believe in mutual respect, I don’t think you can teach a student without there being a mutual respect being there.”

8: Which college did you go to and what brought you to it?

“So, I got my associates of arts in journalism at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College (ABAC), it was very easy to attend. I got my bachelor’s of fine arts in mass media from Valdosta State University. I’m currently working on my masters of science and education at Fort Hays.”

9: Was teaching your dream job?

“Y’know, it wasn’t in the beginning, I originally wanted to work for Game Informer. I always liked writing for the paper. One day I was like, ‘You know what, I’m ready to be a teacher.’”