New Year, New Band


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Band performing during pregame

Lexe West, Staff Editor

After 20 years of leadership under Mr. Taylor, the Blue Jay Band faced a major change once their beloved teacher decided to retire. Quick to fill the now open spot in the Junction City staff was Mr. Morris. Morris hopes to use his nine years of experience to help better the band for the 2017-18 school year, and for years to come.

Even as a child Mr. Morris knew he wanted to become a band director. It all started in the seventh grade when he initially joined his own school band. Even as a band director Mr. Morris hopes to help students grow in other aspects of their lives, other than in music.

“They [my teachers] helped me learn how to be dedicated to something and what it means to work well with other people, to cooperate,” he says. “I want to help other students the way my teachers helped me.”

After moving from Cincinnati with his wife upon finishing graduate school there, Mr. Morris was in need of a job. His wife, Mrs. Morris, had accepted a teaching position at K-state which lead him to the open position here at the high school. Even though Morris is new to the district, he doesn’t plan to make many changes to the program.

“We want to continue with the traditions that Mr. Taylor has established,” Morris says, “because he has built a great program here and we hope that every year the students feel like they are progressing as musicians and as people.”

Mr. Morris has shown himself to be a teacher who really values his students and their success. The success of the band is really important to him and he really values the idea of keeping traditions alive. Morris has inducted a mission statement to help his students better themselves as both musicians and as people.

“Everything we do in rehearsals and performances, it should all tie into our mission to build character and to become excellent musicians,” Morris says.

The success of the band moving forward can be expected from everyone watching them. Morris has shown that he is extremely dedicated and has a true passion for teaching and for music, and that is exactly what students need in order to succeed.

“I plan on staying in Junction City for a long time,” Morris says. “I love it here!”