New Scholarships Now Available


Morgan Deering, Staff Writer

There are new scholarships available for seniors who are preparing to graduate. Information for the scholarships can be located on the scholarship page of the JCHS home page.

1. Seniors- Scholarships that are due on the 15thSaturday, can be turned in Monday the 17th  by 12 noon.

2.  If you went to KS Kids or worked at KS Kids or played football at JCHS there is a scholarship for you!  Lillian Drew Memorial Scholarship.  Due Monday the 17th.

3.   If you are going to K-State and have 3.0 GPA or greater apply for the Wendall & Dulcie Kite Scholarship, due the 17th.

4.  If you went to Lincoln Elementary, Westwood Elementary, Sheridan Elementary or Washington Elementary there is a scholarship for you.  Due April 17.

5.  If you are a senior and on the bowling team there is a scholarship for you.

6.  If you are going to further your education at a vocational school there is a scholarship for you, due the 17th.

7. Franklin elementary is still open. Due Monday Morning!

Visite Mrs. Pinaire, scholarship coordinator, in Dever 122 during advisory for more information.