Prom theme and location is announced


Katie Beamer, Staff Writer

During this school year things have been very different because of COVID-19. However, unlike for last year’s senior class, this year the school and health department wer comfortable enough to host a senior prom.

“I’m glad we have prom because even during a pandemic we are unable to make long lasting high school memories, and this gives us the opportunity to make memories,” said junior Brinley VanWey.

Prom will be Saturday, May 15th from 8:00-11:30 pm. Masks will be mandatory and there will be COVID protocols in place to ensure safety for all students and staff. Some of these protocols include assigned tables for contact tracing, masks, social distancing while waiting in line to check in, pre-packaged drinks and snacks. Students are glad to be able to have prom this school year even though there are COVID rules in place. There will be professional/formal pictures that you will not have to wear your mask for.

“Something new is that free formal pictures will be taken and emailed to students so they can print them at their leisure and for much less cost than in the past. We will still have the free photo booth also,” said junior class sponsor Bridgett Oliver.

The theme for this prom is Secret Garden. This year prom is going to be held at Junction City High School because of COVID and managing the number of people, as well as scheduling.

“We chose this theme because it incorporates a variety of colors. We will be using a lot of real flowers and garden decorations which gives it an outdoor feel,” Oliver said.

Students were kept in the dark about the specific location until this week. A couple ideas that mentioned were a tent on the football field or Shenk Gymnasium. Because of the possibility of inclement weather in Kansas in spring, the dance will be held in Shenk Gymnasium.

In past years students were able to invite dates that were not in USD 475 and/or not a junior or senior. This year because of COVID-19 that is not allowed. Only eligible junior and seniors, as well as no underclassmen are able to attend in order to keep the number down because of COVID.