Class of 2021 Officers Named

Breana Reilly

The senior class officers for the class of 2021 are president Dylan Hayden, vice president Andrew Khoury, and secretary Nyasia Harris.

Dylan Hayden as the president cares deeply about his peers and about setting up his class for success by taking the role of being class president.

“I feel like it gives me a step above everyone else in my future for like college and work,” Hayden said.

He also explained that he has taken into consideration his reputation and how he wants to be recognized.

“If you ever want to be part of class president and you enjoy overseeing important things and you are responsible, then start getting involved in things as soon as possible (like freshman year). Listen to announcements, read your emails, and talk to the class representatives,” Hayden said.

Vice president Andrew Khoury said he wanted to do it (be vice president of his class) because he wanted to help the senior class make sure they had a good senior year, and that it was one that we could remember.

Nyasia Harris being vice president is picking up her tracks from last year.

“I like talking to people in my class about stuff so that’s why I like to do it and I like people,” Harris said.

Harris also said that she was disappointed that she couldn’t finish her work organizing events as a class officer last spring with the pandemic so when she was awarded the opportunity to continue as vice president and be able to pick up where she left off, she jumped at the chance and was thrilled to have been voted in once again.