JCHS launches STOPit app to assist with incident reporting


Olivia Hamilton, Staff Writer

Junction City High School released a new app, called STOPit, in hopes to help crack down on bullying and bad behaviors around the school. This app allows participants to anonymously report bulling, threats, and other issues on campus. The app is very user friendly and easy to access.

STOPit is available in apple and android app stores.  Junction City High School is using this app in an attempt to get ahead of the issues before they begin and get the situations under control before any have a chance to proceed to get worse. The school also hopes to control more of the issues regarding the fights and threats, and to create a more friendly, kind, and open environment. The posters advertising this app and encouraging students and staff to use it are posted all around campus.

Junior Keegan Smith was asked her opinion on the new app and what she thought about it.

“There isn’t much advertisement around the school about it and I havn’t heard much about what we are supposed to do with the app,” Smith said.

However, upon further inspection it was learned that teachers received a quick seminar at a staff meeting regarding the app and its function and were instructed to share that information with their advisories.

“We were trained on it; I think it is a good way for people to anonymously report things to staff,” said history teacher Ashley Artone.