Most popular television streaming services at JCHS


Nathan Kennedy, Staff Writer

With how much content this generation consumes, big media companies have switched their pricing to subscriptions. Subscription based pricing allows for customers to pay a certain amount every month for a particular service. The most common place someone will see subscriptions are in streaming services.

Streaming services are an alternative to cable TV and are supposed to be more cost-effective. However, recent updates have led to increased prices and a loss in subscribers. With so many subscriptions to choose from, it brings the question of which to choose. Ninety-five students were surveyed on which streaming service they used the most in their household.

The majority of people who took the survey say they used Netflix the most at 45%. In second place was Hulu with 14%. In third was Disney + with 11%. Tied for fourth, three ways was HBO Max, Crunchy Roll, and YouTube TV. In seventh was Amazon Prime (5%) and in last was Paramount + with 3%.