Jacob Lindsey, Staff Writer

Supermarket by Bobby Hall, AKA Logic, is a psychological thriller with a lot of mind-bending events that occur fairly frequently because when reading you think you know what may happen, but then the entire opposite happens and you’re back to square one as a reader. The main character Flynn is just a young guy who aspires to be an author, and after his girlfriend left him he was extremely depressed until he got a letter in the mail from a publisher who said he wanted to meet Flynn and give him a chance to write a book for him. When Flynn goes but finds out he only has 6 months to write said book he gets a job at the supermarket so he can base his characters off of his real-life co-workers. Flynn meets a guy named Frank who no one in the supermarket seems to know at all and Frank seems to have a very bad vibe to him and tends to try and get Flynn to do things that aren’t too particularly safe or ethical in the workplace.

The book is separated into two parts, the first is the Flynn telling the story about his adventures at the supermarket, of his breakup, and daily life. The book begins with Flynn catching us up on the story so far with his breakup and his depression until he gets the letter in the mail from a publisher hoping to publish his book. He begins by getting a job at the supermarket in which Flynn meets a lot of different interesting characters who he’ll be working with. Progressively Flynn starts to weave his co-workers into his book each of which start to have their own little niche’s that play key roles in the story more than the characters themselves.

One thing I found quite interesting is Logic has included many different references that pertain to things he has expressed love towards in the past throughout his career. He also does wonderfully with basing many of the different characters within the book on his own characters he has included in skits and such, or off of real life people he knows and is co-workers with.

In many ways, this book is an embodiment of Bobby Hall in terms of personal character and his personal interests. He includes things such as music taste, favorite books, movies, and pop culture he was interested in when growing up. Being born in 1990, he debatably grew up with various things that have been iconic throughout time to now. He’s obviously inspired by many people and characters and channels that into details of the book. For example, he uses the iconic brown bomber jacket that Bruce Willis wore in Pulp Fiction (1994) as Flynn’s favorite jacket, along with paying omen to the Indiana Jones book series and references to Back to the Future. Bobby also refers to a lot of newer artists and such as Mac DeMarco and Tyler The Creator and their music along with a hint at style from the two and things they are notorious for.

Overall as his first book and with being a successful music artist I really enjoyed it and the personal message within. As a rating, I would put it at a solid 8.5 out of 10 for creativity and the personal message.