Among Us, the new mobile craze

Onterious Hill

The top releases in video games has an imposter among them! Venting straight to the top spot in recent gaming trends, comes 2018’s “Among Us”, the game about working as a team to safely reach your ships destination or sabotaging the crew before they get the chance.

Among Us made it’s debut on June 15, 2018, but it just recently made it’s way to the spotlight in August of 2020. Originally starting its popularity online and over streaming websites, the little jellybean astronauts made there way to JCHS in early August, and grew from there.

Taking the school by storm, “Among Us” has been the talk of the school, and from the looks of it, the murder mystery game has no intentions of slowing down at all. The game is great for killing time since it can be accessed on multiple mobile platforms. As well, since the game is free on all mobile devices no purchases are required; a player only needs a stable internet connection to join and create lobbies. Get some friends and try it today.