Theater department performs spring play, the “Government Inspector”


Chloe Crites, Staff Writer

The last showing of the Government Inspector was on Saturday April 30. The play was filled with adult jokes and scenes that made the audience laugh so hard they forgot to breathe.

A crowd favorite seemed to be the character Grusha played by junior Ramone Newey. Grusha was the mayor’s housekeeper; although not a main character, he still became a crowd favorite.

“Ramone playing Grusha was my favorite character. He played it great and made me laugh every time he was on stage. He also in my opinion had the best scene of the entire play,” said junior Gunner Darnell.

There were constant laughs throughout the audience and everyone was on the edge of their seat trying to figure out who the real government inspector was.

When it was finally revealed that the government inspector was none other than the doctor played by sophomore Sidnee Duncan the auditorium was filled with gasps, applause cheers and many laughs. This play was a good way to end the year with many characters and scenes that made the audience laugh so hard that their face hurt.