Blue Jay girls swim beats personal records


Junior swimmer Sarren Hines swims the 50 M freestyle in the triangle against Manhattan and Topeka High School last Tuesday, March 29 at the Topeka Natatoriam. She placed first with a time of 28.93 seconds.

Andrea Hipolito, Staff Writer

The Junction City girls swim team had a meet on March 29, 2022 in the Topeka Natatorium. Junction City competed against two teams, Manhattan High and Topeka High. Overall, they placed 2nd as a team. With many returning and first-time swimmers competing, this allowed the girls to set PRs.

Junior Sarren Hines placed 1st in the 50-freestyle event with a time of 28.93, Daniella Robles placed 2nd in the 50-freestyle with a time of 29.63. The 200 relay team (senior Jordan Seelye, junior Daniella Robles, junior Sarren Hines, and senior Amaiya Rohan) received first with a time of 2:00.06 minutes.

Sophomore Karley Kramer swam the 500 meter freestyle for the first time that day. She said that she felt better about swimming the event knowing she was with a teammate (Seelye) and once she swam past the first 200 meters it was a breeze.

“Seeing coach Schlesener yell while I breathed helped a lot, it reminded me to kick fast,” Kramer said.

Kramer thinks that to improve she will work on her flip turns and improve her mentality before a race. Her goal by the end of the season is to break 30 seconds in the 50 freestyle and continue to improve as a distance swimmer.

Senior Akasha Schlicht dropped 16.70 seconds on her 100 butterfly, which is a drastic time drop.

“It felt really amazing especially since my goal was only to drop 5 seconds,” Schlicht said.

She says that her goal by the end of the season is to swim a 1:30 100 butterfly and a 35 second 50 butterfly. Schlicht says

“Since our practice was cut short it is important for me to take advantage of any type of fly practice I get,” Schlicht added.

Schlicht said focusing on form will be the biggest thing.

The team overall is prepared to face the many challenges this season has for them.