Baseball scores big against Emporia


Nathaniel Rumbaugh, Staff Writer

The Blue Jays Baseball team had a successful road trip on Tuesday when they faced Emporia. The first and second game were quite different, in which the Blue Jays won by 4 and then by 9. In the first game the Blue Jays got off to a rocky start on both sides of the field after going down 3-0 early. Then the Jays stormed back to tie it at 3 runs in the 4th inning. Following soon the Blue Jays would go up 5-3 heading into the bottom of the 7th. Unfortunately, the Jays let up 2 runs to Emporia which sent the game into extra innings. The Blue Jays were very prepared as they knocked in 4 runs right off the bat. The Blue Jays then finished the game in the bottom of the 8th to secure the win.

In the 2nd matchup the Blue Jays looked to bring out the brooms and sweep the Spartans. The Jays came out of the gates swinging hard and swinging fast. Scoring 8 runs in the first 2 innings to take a convincing 8-0 lead going into the 4th inning. Emporia would score 2 though, giving the Jays some more work to do. The game held at a 10-2 stand still for most of the game until the final innings when the Blue Jays woke up once again and tallied 5 more runs for the visitor’s side. Emporia would only score 2 more runs before the game was closed by the Jays with a score of 13-4. “I think in that first game we showed the ability to work through hardships, we had the game won and we fumbled a little but picked right back up and were able to finish it so I’m happy with my guys for that.” Said coach Carl Laughlin “In that second game I think you could see what this team is capable of, there’s so much talent at each position, and the ceiling for these guys is unimaginable, we just got to keep working. T west on Friday is the focus now.”

The Jays will continue their road stretch this week when they take on Topeka West this Friday.