Football wins Silver Trophy in final rivalry game at Al Simpler Stadium


Victoria Cloke

Senior Russel Wilkie carries the ball while senior DJ Giddens blocks for him.

Trevor Laughlin

The Junction City Blue Jays varsity football team took on the Manhattan Indians on September 11, 2020 in a very exciting rivalry game.

Junction City started the game to take the lead with a 65 yard touchdown from senior quarterback Andrew Khoury to Marcello Bussey in the first quarter. The Manhattan Indians proceeded to drive down the field and score shortly after and go for the two-point conversion and made it, giving them the lead 8-7. As halftime approached, the Manhattan Indians went up 22-7. But the Blue Jays made some great plays and went into halftime with the score of 22-21 Manhattan.

In the second half the Blue Jays took the lead 29-22 and the Manhattan Indians tied it up the next drive. With 2:56 on the game clock, the Blue Jays scored and once again took the lead 36-29. Manhattan attempted to drive down the field to score but senior defensive back Javon George intercepted the pass from Manhatten quarterback Dane Ashton Brener to end the rivalry game in the final seconds.

After the game Khoury said “this is the game we look forward to every year; we worked our butts off for this week’s game and got the outcome we deserve.”

George had similar feelings about the win.

“This year has been weird with the setbacks from Covid but winning the game against Manhattan and intercepting the last play of the game was exciting. Getting the trophy felt too good, I mean, getting it my senior year, we really deserve it after working so hard and improving from last season,” George said.