Marvel Releases new Spider-Man Trailer

With multiple Marvel movie releases coming in the New Year, the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer was released on January 15, 2019.

The trailer starts with Spider-Man and Aunt May in a homeless charity/shelter. Aunt May seems to be getting along well with the knowledge of Peter Parker being the Spider-Man. Peter then has a comedic moment where Happy Hogan and Aunt May flirt with each other. Peter Parker is going to Europe for a school trip.

Peter at first decides not to bring his spider-man suit. In the trailer, we see Nick Fury surprise spider-man when Ned gets shot with a tranquilizer. Nick Fury seems to be taking back his mentor/leader role. In this case more of a mentor as Tony Stark is nowhere to be seen anywhere in the trailer. We see Nick Fury and Maria Hill fighting against an elemental type of monster. We see three elemental monsters one of earth, fire, and water.

We then see Mysterio who is usually a villain playing fighting the water elemental. Mysterio’s real name in the comics is Quentin Beck. Quentin Beck is a powerless human who uses gadgets and special effects. Spider-Man also has three suits seen in the movie the first suit is the same one he uses in Captain America: Civil War. The next suit is a new suit which when looked at closely looks completely identical to his very first suit in the comics in his first appearance. The last and final suit looks like that of Spider-Man noir, This suit is a type of stealth suit and if you’ve seen the recent movie Spider-Man into the Spider-verse you’ll notice there is a spider-man with an identical suit.

Spider-Man: Far From Home is a movie to look forward to is you’re a big Marvel fan. There are questions that we still don’t know the answer to. Who are the Elemental’s seen in the movie trailer? Is Jake Gyllenhaal’s character a good guy or a bad guy? Where is Tony Stark and why is he not the one mentoring Peter Parker? All these questions hopefully will be answered by the time Avengers: Endgame.