Senior Farewell: Juan Tovar


I’ve always known Junction City as home. The feeling of nostalgia hits every time I pass Lincoln Elementary, just knowing that this will be my final full year in Junction City. It hits hard. Being born in Junction has instilled a large sense of pride in me for my city, peers, and school among other things.

Looking back to my freshman year of high school is a crazy thought. It feels like yesterday I was listening to Mr. Cooke’s warnings about corn. More so than anything, JCHS has developed my character. Freshman year I was recognized as a “class clown”, I was immature without a doubt. Through my years at JCHS, I’ve become more calm and mature beyond expectation.

Graduation has always seemed distant to me, hearing my senior friends in previous years talk about it like a treat. It is an honor to graduate but realizing that it is time to grow up is one of the hardest parts of life. As I continue my journey through life I will never forget the people and memories made in JCHS.

My life has been impacted by the staff here in JCHS in a tremendous way and I would like to say thank you to a select few. The Goheens- who have been a second family to me in the short time that I’ve known them, Mrs. Torres who has drilled what life after high school is going to be like into my head, Mr. Walter- for showing me a passion for writing I never thought I had, and finally, all of the coaches I’ve had for XC and track who believed in me. I would’ve never made it to state in XC or track if it wasn’t for you guys.

My high school years have flown by in a blink, and if I could leave anything for underclassmen and new students I would tell them that the clouds are always shifting. Hardships are inevitable but determination, perseverance, and good friends will bring memorable moments.