Senior Farewell: Froilen Pabalan


Froilen Pabalan, Staff Photographer

This is my senior farewell. I met Mr. Walter during my sophomore year in his Photo Imaging class. I learned a lot in that class, especially how to use a camera a skill I didn’t know I’d be grateful for knowing. This year my senior year I picked up photography and since my skills were rusty I figured I’d go to him since he was the guy with the camera. He taught me everything I know and love about the camera and photography. I took his classes and it sparked my passion for photography and editing photos. Even though I hated writing pieces like these he let me take photos for the school and edit their photos. He let me do something I’m passionate about and for that I thank him.

Honestly here’s some advice for students. High school flies by like a breeze now that I look back. Take it easy and enjoy it. In the meantime find something you can be passionate about. Join clubs meet people make friends, best friends, and memories you’ll be happy to look back at.

I didn’t really do much in my four years of High School. I took a nap in most of my classes. I won’t forget the teachers, they all taught me something I’ll continue to use in life.  I made friends that I’ll miss, they’re all memorable and amazing. I thank you guys for being there for me and letting me be a part of your lives.