6 Essentials for a Fashionable Summer 2019


Morgan Deering

6 essentials for a fashionable summer 2019.

Emma Schroeder, Pow Wow Yearbook Staff

After a harsh winter, flowers are blooming and summer is approaching fast. Seniors who are graduating will be spending their few months of summer making memories with their friends before everyone goes their separate ways. Here are 6 essentials to make sure you look your best while soaking up the summer sun:

Fanny Packs/Small Backpacks

With all the traveling and fun activities throughout summer, it’s hard to carry everything you need everywhere you go. Your phone, wallet, a water bottle, and maybe even a small jacket for cold summer nights can become difficult to carry all in your hands. With a small fanny pack or backpack, you can carry all of this and still look fashionable. While browsing through different websites, I found that the best place to order affordable and stylish fanny packs/backpacks is Finish line. The closest store to Junction City is in Salina, but they have a website you can order from with frequent discounts and sales.

Crop Tops/Man Tanks

Comfortable and light tops are always a must for blazing summer days. Fashion Nova provides affordable and cute clothes for both men and women. Their tops are lightweight and easy to move in no matter the type or size of shirt.

Comfy pants/Shorts

Whether its comfy leggings and sweatpants or shorts to enjoy the day, good quality pants are essential for summer. Zaful, ASOS, and Pretty Little Thing are perfect for a variety of shorts and pants. Each website ranges from expensive to affordable and cheap items.


Swimsuits are absolutely essential for summer—obviously, but more than just a swimsuit is needed. A lot of people (mostly girls) like to have a ton of options when it comes to swimsuits throughout the summer, but don’t like to pay $50 for just one suit. Zaful is a cheap website that provides hundreds of different colors and styles. Their price range goes from usually $10-$25 and the quality is beyond what’s expected. If you’re somebody who likes to have a lot of different swimsuits throughout the summer, I recommend ordering from Zaful.

Summer Accessories

Throughout the summer, there are a couple of small things you may need for your time in the sun. Sunglasses are crucial to your summer enjoyment. Whether you go all out and spend money on brands like Ray-Ban and Oakley or get a cheap pair from Walmart, sunglasses are a good way to protect yourself from the sun and make your summer outfits more stylish. Another necessity when it comes to protecting yourself from the heat is a sun hat, which you can buy virtually anywhere—including Old Navy, Amazon, and once again Walmart. Sun hats are cute and great for a day on the water.


Skincare is a year-round thing, but it becomes 10 times more important in the summer. With the dangerous heat and rays from the sun, wearing sunscreen as much as possible is the smartest move during the summer. Ulta has some of the best sunscreen-infused moisturizers and foundations to rock throughout the summer that will keep you safe and glowing. They offer everything from drugstore to name-brand products perfect for warm summer days.