REVIEW: Halloween (2018) (Spoilers Included)


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Jacob Lindsey, Staff Writer

After the attacks on Laurie Strode on Halloween 1978, Michael is back but this time Laurie is ready.

In the newest installment of the infamous Halloween series Michael has returned, and is designed with the intentions of being a sequel. This movie for me is very nostalgic being that it has the exact same characters from the previous 1978 movie including Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode and Nick Castle as the man himself Michael Myers. The nostalgia also kicks in many more times throughout the movie in places like scene composition and even some of the events taking place within the scenes themselves. Yes, of course, it’s going to be similar in the fact that it is Halloween night and Michael is back for the Strode family, but in so many ways it is absolutely wonderful filmmaking.

From here I would like to warn you the viewer to not read forward because spoilers will be included in this article as I go through the plot and so forth. Consider Yourself Warned.

Halloween was absolutely fantastic in the sense of nostalgia and similarities within the story or even scene composition, but also with the natural eerie feel of thriller/horror movies. First, we’re going to start with the shadows on the walls through the movie that adds foreshadowing within the story. When you watch the movie there will be certain scenes you’ll notice that a shadow of a certain someone will be on the wall and essentially it informs the audience who’s going to die or what may happen next, but of course, this is normal in a horror/thriller movie sense.

In this section, I would like to talk about some nostalgic events in the movie that are similar or almost exactly the same as the 1978 movie. Almost the exact same composition of the scene in the 1978 movie when Jamie Lee Curtis is in a bedroom and she decides to check the closet on the left side wall from the entry door almost exactly the same as the 1978 movie. The only difference is instead of Michael Myers being in the closet like in the 1978 movie, in the new movie 40 years later, he is not in the closet, but more so behind her in the room.

Another similarity which is a little insignificant, but still valid and relevant in the new movie. Just as Michael Myers falls off of the balcony in the 1978 movie and disappears as Laurie Strode goes to look back, but this time it is Laurie that gets thrown off of the balcony when in an intense fight with Michael, but once Michael goes to check she is gone. I felt this was a very nostalgic but comedic addition since its the killer being exposed to his own tricks.

Vicky played by Virginia Gardner meeting her soon unlikely demise

Another scene with similar positioning to the 1978 movie is the babysitter scene, where Vicky played by Virginia Gardner is babysitting in the same scenario as the 1978 movie. Vicky is sitting on the same couch in the same position in a house that is nearly the exact same as the first movie. I just found this interesting because it is not lazy script writing or set making, but more so paying tribute to the movie that started it all.

Overall I enjoyed the movie from an entertainment viewpoint but also as a horror movie nerd and movie nerd in general. It has a very wonderful way of storytelling along with scene composition and the plot behind the whole scenario. I highly recommend going to see it in theaters or when it comes out on streaming platforms and DVD. Be sure to stick around for the credits because afterward, you begin to hear Michael breathing like a little hint that he survived and there may be another movie in the works!

Overall Rating – 8.2/10