Blue Jays Fly Past Buffaloes in 64-0 Victory!


Raye Wilson holds up the SIlver Trophy

Jayden Davis, Staff Writer

It’s been a week since Junction City won the Silver Trophy back from the rival Manhattan Indians and they came into this game clearly motivated to keep the streak going.

The undefeated Blue Jays hosted the Wichita Southeast Buffalos, a team without a single tally under the win column. A team that has allowed 42 points or more in every one of their games and a team that hasn’t scored more than 21 points in a single game this season.

Junction City celebrated Military Night, having soldiers help create the tunnel for the Blue Jays pregame and also got to watch the game from the baseline. They wore JC jerseys over their ACU’s to support the Blue Jays, while students and fans were encouraged to wear camouflage to the game.

After a rusty offensive performance in their previous game, the Blue Jays came out firing on all cylinders scoring two touchdowns less than four minutes into the game making the score 14-0.

Junction City’s defense looked as if it has returned to its normal self, completely dominating the offensive line forcing the WSE quarterback to scramble nearly every pass play. In the Buffalos first drive of the game Aryus Jones had bust through the blocking of the WSE offense coming up with a huge intimidating hit on the quarterback. The following Wichita drive, Stefan Starks easily broke through the small and already tired offensive line sacking the QB.

Not only was the JC pass rush dominant, the secondary was causing even more trouble for the WSE quarterback, showing great man coverage and great stops in zone coverage.

On Junction City’s next possession they quickly get downfield with their ground and pound offense. Raye Wilson getting the ball majority of the drive and is able to weave through the lackluster defense of the Buffalos.

After getting into the end zone, Raye Wilson’s TD is called off putting the Blue Jays in a 3rd and Goal situation where Ryan Hennington suffers a huge hit by a WSE defender. This play forces JC to attempt a Field Goal where during the attempt a penalty was called on the defense putting JC back into position for another Raye Wilson score putting them up 20-0 after a missed PAT.

With just under a minute left in the first quarter, the Blue Jays manage to force a turnover on downs and another trip into the end zone, stretching the lead to 27-0 capping off the first quarter.

The Buffalos coming into the second quarter stick with the pass game that hasn’t had any success for them early on. They come out in a shotgun formation using the most protection possible in the shotgun split-back formation.

Although this helped the pass rush, they still couldn’t convert a first down, as Christian Ozores dives for an underthrow by the QB, intercepting the ball, once again giving JC great starting field position for their offense. The offense quickly scores as Raye Wilson weaves through traffic and scores another rushing touchdown putting JC in a 34-0 lead.

As if WSE’s offense couldn’t get any worst, the Buffalos come into their next drive showing miscommunication on their first play; as the Halfback went left for the handoff and the QB went right for the handoff.

After a WSE punt, Christian Ozores comes up with a big return bringing the ball to the WSE 27 yard line. Despite the good field position, the Buffalos had a good defensive stand forcing a 3 and out as Raye Wilson pushed through 4 defenders on 3rd down, nearly converting the first down. This set up a field goal by Wayne Shirley that upped the score to 37-0 mid-second quarter.

During the next drive, the Blue Jays had pushed the WSE offense to the goal line when Jawonnis Hinton nearly scored a safety when throwing the quarterback toward the end zone.

After a punt by the Buffalos, JC scores on its first play of the drive with a passing touchdown into the deep corner of the end zone making the score 43-0.

Junction City’s defense again, forces a 3 and out series and the offense continues to move down the field with Ryan Hennington’s deep bomb of a pass gaining 68 yards, changing sides of the field for the blue jays who score on the very next play finishing off the half with a score of 50-0.

Both teams had slow second halves when the second and third string players came in, scoring only 14 points in the second half making the final score 64-0.

Key players in this victory were Raye Wilson with multiple rushing touchdowns and Johnnie Jones with an 11 yard touchdown reception in the first half sparking what turned out to be another shutout here at Al Simpler Stadium; where opponents haven’t scored a single point since week one against Highland Park.

The Blue Jays look to keep their undefeated streak going as they move on to play Wichita North on the road this Friday night in Wichita for their second District matchup.