Junction City routs Shawnee Heights 64-0!


Jayden Davis, Staff Writer

That makes it 3 wins and still no losses for JC! Once again Junction City wins in a blowout, making this team look as if the silver trophy will return to JC this year and many believe that this team is state championship ready!

On September 18th the Shawnee Heights football team had traveled to Junction City in search for their first win. They had lost their first two games, giving up over 40 points in each game so it was clear that in order to beat the Blue Jays for their first victory; defense was a huge requirement especially with the way Junction City’s offense has been this season. The Blue Jays had won their first two games scoring over 50 points in each game. This scoring streak continued as Junction City had its way with them, dominating offensively and defensively.

Junction City came into the game with an early ground and pound mindset. They ran the ball 4 out of their 5 first plays in their first drive of the game, capping the drive off with an early 32 yard rushing touchdown by #4 Raye Wilson to give JC the 7-0 lead.

After a great stop by the Blue Jays defense on 3rd and 11 where #56 Darius Hicks had sacked the 3rd string Shawnee Heights Quarterback Mitchell Lady, a Shawnee Heights punt set up JC with not so great field position. Even with this field position they tried to surprise the defense with a deep bomb down field by #14 Ryan Hennington but the pass had got intercepted, firing up the Shawnee Heights bench.

The Blue Jays did not succumb to the pressure as they forced another turnover on downs. Junction City had capped off the quarter when Ryan Hennington had connected with Raye Wilson for a 40 yard passing touchdown ending the 1st quarter with a 14-0 lead.

The Blue Jays offense looked relatively pedestrian in the second quarter up until the defense had forced a safety not only putting an extra 2 points on the board but giving the now hyped up offense the ball setting up a scoring drive that resulted in another Raye Wilson touchdown giving him his 3rd touchdown of the game in the first half.

The Blue Jays dominating offensive line helped Wilson achieve his 148 rushing yards along with the 40 yard bomb, Wilson finished the half with 188 total yards and three touchdowns in the first half. At the half the Blue Jays were up 30-0.

Just when the Blue Jays offense seemed like they couldn’t get much better, they came in to the second half rushing the ball with three different running backs putting the defense on their heels and tiring them out.

After a couple short yardage gains, #2 Jovon Baldwin exploded for a 46 yard run right through the nonexistent Shawnee Heights defense, finishing his run in the end zone early in the half.

This scoring drive was just the beginning, the Blue Jays were not satisfied with their 37-0 lead as they scored touchdowns on their next three drives as the defense dominated the line of scrimmage keeping Shawnee Heights from converting a single 1st Down in the 1st and 3rd Quarters.

Heading into the 4th quarter the Shawnee Heights offense stepped on to the field with their heads up ready to end the possibilities of complete blow out. The 4th string quarterback Sophomore Zach Cummings looked to make his name for his team and inspire them to hopefully put Shawnee Heights on the scoreboard. He snaps the ball looking downfield and confidently fired the ball downfield and then out of nowhere Linebacker Timothy Bell intercepts the football and took it the other direction all the way downfield for another Blue Jays touchdown beating the team’s season record scoring their 58th point.

The Blue Jays 3rd and 4th string defense had come in after that to close out the game and this is when Shawnee heights had their longest drive of the game but still resulted in no scoring.

The second play of the next Blue Jays drive, 5’4” #33 Tyelier Dale took the ball for the longest play of the game, a 79 yard run downfield into the end zone putting Shawnee Heights to rest.

The night had finished with a final score of Junction City – 64 to Shawnee Heights – 0. A rout that was seen coming since pregame. A team allowing over 40 points per game facing off against the offensive juggernaut that is the Junction City Blue Jays who had scored over 50 points per game coming into the night.

The three biggest takeaways that summarize this game are the Blue Jays offense putting up over 500 total offensive yards, the offensive leader of the game Raye Wilson with over 200 total offensive yards contributed, and the Blue Jays defense keeping Shawnee Heights from registering a first down in both the 1st and 3rd quarters.

The Blue Jays hope to keep this winning streak alive as they advance to next week, eyeing the 0-3 Seamen football team on homecoming night. This weekend looks to be an exciting one playing against a team that JC is projected to rout on homecoming night with the homecoming dance the night after.