Keiana Newman: Dynasty of a State Champion


Keiana Newman, two-time state champion in the 100-meter hurdle, competes in hurdles at the home track meet on April 9, 2019.

Juan Tovar, Staff Reporter

Senior Keiana Newman is no dismissive name. For two years in a row, Keiana Newman has been crowned State Champ in the 100-meter hurdles, as well as winning 300-meter hurdles at state in 2017 and runner up in 2018. These feats have been no easy task with impressive runners from all over the state gunning to strip Keiana of her reigning title.

Keiana is not exclusive to the high school spring track season. She competes all over the country with her club team alongside other athletes from Kansas. This previous summer Keiana traveled to Des Moines, Iowa to compete in the Amateur Athletics Union: Junior Olympics. Keiana has also competed in various indoor meets throughout the years with her club team.

The Blue Jay staff decided to sit down with Keiana and ask her some questions about her career and aspirations.

What are some upcoming expectations for the upcoming track season?

“Honestly I don’t want to sound cocky or anything but I expect to be up on the podium for state and beat my [personal record], but other than that I don’t have any other expectations.”

What are some personal goals you’ve set for yourself?

“The goals I have set for myself is to beat my PR and be the fastest in the state overall.”

What have you done to prepare for this season?

“I have been doing indoor track and going to the gym and lifting weights to prepare for this season.”

During track season, walk me through your daily Practice?

“For the outdoor season, I normally go to practice every day the first thing I do at practice is a few laps and then a full warm up with sprints and then I normally do a hurdle workout then a sprint work out.”

What can you attribute to your success?

“Honestly the only thing I can attribute to my success is being dedicated and having a strong, good mindset that gets me through a tough workout or a hard race.”

Do you feel any sense of responsibility?

“I feel like I’m responsible for the results I get in a meet because the way you practice is the way you run and if you come to practice or a meet motivated, ready to work, and actually do something then you will go where you want to be in my opinion.”

Why do you run, what’s your motivation to run?

“I run because it’s something that I feel like I’m really good at, it’s a talent that I have put a lot of work and dedication into and I don’t intend on wasting it.”

What’s the difference between high school track and club track?

“The difference between high school track and club track is that there is most definitely more competition [in club track], it’s a lot more competitive and I feel like it is that way because you have to put a lot of time and money into club track and you compete against teams from different states.”

What are your plans for the future?

“I plan on doing track in college because honestly it’s how I’m going to be able to pay for college and it’s something I love to do as well.”

Newman recently won both the 100-meter hurdles and 4×400 meter relay in the Junction City Invitational.