Varsity Basketball Finds Early Season Success


Tray Minor

AJ Dickerson,12, drives to the basket and knocks a Manhattan player off balance.

Taryn Tanguay, Sports Editor

With the basketball season in full swing, the Blue Jays are riding the momentum of early season success with a 2-1 record.

As the season begins, the Blue Jays are continuing to improve as a team. One area they are focusing on this season is team chemistry.

“There are times where things are going bad, we don’t always put our heads together. This is probably our biggest weakness,” AJ Dickerson said.

Despite the team working on their chemistry, they have a lot of strength and advantages going for them.

“Once we get going, once we get hot we are pretty hard to stop. Especially in transition. The strengths of the team are that once we get going, making a lot of lay-ups, knocking down open jumpers, we are pretty good,” said senior guard AJ Dickerson.

Junior guard Qua’vez Humphreys also agrees that focus is going to critical to their success as a team.

“I learned from the first 3 games that playing hard works. We just have to focus on the little things,” Humphreys said.

The Blue Jays plan to bring the heat and intend to make this is a memorable season.

“Everyone should expect more wins this season and a lot more excitement at the games,” said Humphreys.

AJ Dickerson and Qua’vez Humphreys were recognized by Hoop Focus for the Culture as being some of the top players in Kansas at a camp they attended in Kansas City. Dickerson also made it to the All-Star Game of that camp which included the top 20 players in the state.

“At first when I was at the camp I was kind of nervous because I knew I was playing with the top prospects in the whole state. Once I was actually recognized for it, and got the mix tape posted on the main page, it was like a surreal moment because it let me know that I can compete among the best,” said Dickerson.

The Blue Jays currently have a record of 2-1 with wins over Great Bend High School and Dodge City High School. The team suffered a close loss of 51-49 to their rival, Manhattan High School after an intense game of back-and-forth basketball on Tuesday December 11th. The Blue Jays hit the road to take on Highland Park High School Friday December 14th.