Recap of the 2018-2019 Basketball Season


Tray Minor

AJ Dickerson (12), Aaron Hamilton (12), Anthony Twiggs (12) , and Darrin Battiste (11) All get together to motivate each other in between plays

In a valiant effort, the Blue Jays (9-10) fell to Lawrence Free State (8-6) in the first round of the playoffs with a final score of 66-35.

Despite this loss, the boys had an outstanding year of Basketball, this season showcased Junction City’s effort to create a better basketball program.

Ever since head coach Nick Perez was hired the team has made outstanding strides compared to previous years under different coaches and coaching programs. In addition, the new school will provide the team with more of an opportunity to succeed with more equipment and technology available to improve their game.

There have been many highlights to the season. The boys took second in the Tournament of champions with two athletes receiving awards, they broke a 9-year streak Manhattan had over them by delivering a crushing defeat to the Indians. We saw our fair share of impressive dunks and three-pointers. Overall the season was nothing to frown upon and Junction City looks forward to Seasons to come.