Junction City/ Washburn Rural Baseball Preview


Photo taken by Kelly Clark

Jose Baquero, Sports reporter

The Blue Jays will play at home against Washburn Rural on April 28th. This important game also will come with high emotions as the seniors will be recognized on this year’s Senior Night.

The Blue Jays are coming off a great win against Seamen High and are almost in full stride.

“The pitching staff is throwing strikes and allowing the defense to make plays behind them,” pitching coach Kenny Talley said. “Overall everyone is buying into their role on the team and doing whatever it take to allow the team to have the most success,” he continued.

As the season gets closer to the playoffs, the Blue Jays look to improve their record for a chance to host a regional game for the first time in school history. This game against Washburn will be a huge step towards that goal. If the Blue Jays can get a sweep, they put themselves in a great position to host.

“When you have good teams coming in, you just have to focus on your game and what you need to do,” Head coach Andrew Biery said. “I think we stack up well against them and if we take it a pitch at a time good things will happen.”