Fall Play: Penny for Your Thoughts


Olivia Knerr, Staff Editor

Every year Junction City High School has a fall play. The play for this fall is “Penny for Your Thoughts’ by Scott Haan. Penny for Your Thoughts is about a girl named Penny Ramsey who has many sides to her personality. They are personified by comically stereotypical characters known as the Egos. The five Egos make her decisions, which gets a lot more complicated when Penny overhears one side of her boyfriend, Matt’s, phone call and believes he has betrayed her. It’s a stressful time for Penny, which is made even more confusing and stressful by the introduction of a new potential suitor named Rick and her nosy mother (and Matt’s boss) Mrs. Killan. Maybe things could get situated if Penny’s Egos in her head got along for once!

The cast is Chloe Welsh as Penny, Kaya Sparks as Buffy, Karlena Colon as Jessica, Olivia White as Myrtle, Allayne Clements as Gertrude, Justin Hahn as Adam, David Burrus as Matt, Curtney Dawson as Mrs. Killian, Kameron Behr as Rick, Lolly Winsor as Darla. The people playing Matt’s Ego’s are Kylie Brown, David Weiss, Kaden Meinen, Madeline VandeRiet and Hannah Butler. Cast Understudies consist of Kaden Meinen David Weiss, Eileen Warner and Samantha Cieluch. Matt’s Ego’s Understudies are Rhianna Adams, Merie Michael and Sam Kitckuk. The student director is Courtney Day and the Assistant to the Student Director is Rhianna Adams. Stage Manager is Bryce Clontz. 

Backstage crew, who deserve just as much spotlight as Cast members are, Eileen Warner with Lights, Sound is Bryce Clontz, Prop is the duty of David Weiss, Set construction and painting goes to Anthony Coleman, Cheyenne Larson, and Samantha Kitckuk.

This weekend is the premier of the fall play “A Penny For Your Thought” it begins at 7:00pm on Saturday. Students get in free with their student ID’s. Come support the acting department and enjoy some free entertainment!