Sophomore Kaleb Jackson Racks Up More Than 1 Million Views On YouTube


Courtesy of Kaleb Jackson.

Kaleb Jackson who goes by Cash-K is the creator of a popular YouTube channel.

Tray Minor, Staff Writer

Kaleb Jackson is the creator of a popular YouTube channel called “TheLifeofCashK” that has more than one-million views and currently has more than 26-thousand subscribers. Jackson, who goes by the name Cash-K, brings a fresh and organic approach to popular fashion oriented videos where he showcases his extensive shoe collection and provides style advice.

Jackson has been creating YouTube videos for the past year and half but only began to focus on consistently uploading new content to his channel when he moved to Kansas five months ago.

“When I moved here I started taking it serious,” Jackson said.

As Jackson’s audience continues to grow he is motivated to keep creating videos for his fans and viewers on the internet.

“I can change people’s day, or their day has been made better even, because I uploaded a video. So just knowing people look up to me and they take inspiration from me, it’s kind of cool,”Jackson said

With the current success of his channel Jackson is adding thousands of subscribers per month and hopes to hit 50-thousand by the end of the school year. Jackson however is looking even farther ahead.

“Well in the next year – thinking a year from now – I want t be at least, and this is a long stretch, but I want to be at least at 300 thousand subscribers,” Jackson said

The bigger Jackson’s audience gets on YouTube the more profit he can make from his videos. Jackson can typically earn $600 to $700 dollars a month from advertising that is placed on his videos.

“It just depends on how many views you get,” Jackson explains.  “It’s usually around $700 but now it’s getting to the thousands.”

Jackson has grown his audience in these few short months because he has been creating content consistently. This has gained him the attention of his peers and other aspiring YouTubers.

Jackson describes his rise to YouTube popularity as organic and genuine.

“I started watching a lot of fashion videos and sneaker videos and also getting inspired by how certain people wore shoes and what they are wearing and what they aren’t wearing,” Jackson explained.

Hoping to inspire others, Jackson encourages others to pursue their creative passions. Authenticity is key explains Jackson.

“It doesn’t matter what type of equipment you have, whether you’re using an old camera or your phone to record and edit, you can always make it work,” Jackson said.  “Because if you are being yourself, people will like you for you.”