Staff Spotlight–Amber McKinney

Daniella Robles, Staff Writer

For many throughout the school, Ms. McKinney is a familiar face to see. She works as a Secretary in the Fine Arts and Human Services Academy Office. It is her second year working at Junction City High School. She says that her favorite part of the job is “interacting with all of the students”.

Although it is common for students to see her for a short amount of time, she assures that the encounter is extremely kind and helpful.

Senior, Hannah Goble says that Ms. McKinney is “a sweetheart” and she enjoys seeing her. Many students agree with Hannah, because she always gives words of encouragement that brightens the day of many students. The school is extremely grateful for its staff, so it is important to thank them when we see them. Ms. McKinney says that it is great seeing students, so be sure to stop by and say hello to her.