Stand Up Against Bullying: Junction City Anti-Bullying Week

Joshua Allen, Staff Writer

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October 28, 2019 marks the first day of Junction City High School’s anti-bullying week. The week started with STUCO handing out orange ribbons before school in the commons. We asked STUCO president Elyse Nguyen what the purpose of anti-bullying week is.

“The purpose of anti-bullying week is mainly to raise awareness around bullying and also to promote a more friendly environment here at JC,” Nygyen said.

In order to promote a more friendly environment, during morning announcements Elyse implements a “Challenge of the Day”. Challenges would include things like giving someone a high five, a compliment, or telling them they’re appreciated.

The senior class committee also had a task for anti-bullying week. They were asked to make anti-bullying posters that would be posted around the school. The posters are meant to encourage students as they walk the halls of JCHS.