Birds of the Nest: Jacob Lindsey

“What does college mean to you?”


Senior Jacob Lindsey is excited to complete his final semester at JCHS and go on to film school.

Olivia Knerr, Staff Editor

“What college means to me is a very important step because it’s one of the many routes that you can take as a [graduating] high schooler to determine your next step in life. Whether it be a big one or a small step that leads to bigger steps in the future. College to me is going to be enjoyable because I’ve decided to take a big step, especially with going across the country and going to film school. I’m kind of gambling my chances and my money a little bit with how expensive it is to hopefully achieve my dream but it does take a lot of dedication no matter what you’re doing and a lot of money in some instances depending on what you’d enjoy doing but if it’s something you really want to do then the payoff will be immeasurable.”