ATHLETE PROFILE: Swim Team Member Lauren Kim


Maddison Escobar

Sophomore Lauren Kim is on her second year as a member of the swim team.

Maddison Escobar, Pow Wow Yearbook Staff

Sophomore Lauren Kim is in her second year as a member of the swim team. We sat down with her to see how this swim season is going for her.

What makes swimming different?

Swimming is different from other sports because one we don’t get a lot of funding like we don’t have our own facility that is just for JCHS so we really have to do things with what we get.

What do you enjoy most?

I enjoy backstroke the most because of that just like my main event and it’s really fun not to be traditional with the other strokes.

What is the hardest part?

Coming in sort of the last place at meets just because we can’t get a lot of points with the facility that we have to use.

Favorite event?  Why?

Backstroke because I got to go to state for it when I was on my club team, it’s just the one I am best at.

What is there favorite memory?

When we went to Hays my freshman year and we got 2nd and we were really close to first place