10 Underrated Songs For Your Playlist


Jacob Lindsey

A visual of beauty comparable to these songs

Jacob Lindsey, Staff Writer

10. Jordan Rakei-Sorceress
I personally hold a love for this song because it is being performed live and it just sounds so surreal along with the wonderful loving message. This song gives me such a angelic feeling that makes me imagine walking through Times Square for the first time.

The sound that comes from this song always makes me want to move and snap my fingers no matter what mood i am in. I always catch myself being brought up from the saddest of days because the song just sounds so magical and illustrious.

8. ayokay-The Shine (ft. Chelsea Cutler)
Chelsea Cutler has a very unique and different voice despite being so young. The melodies provided by ayokay with the amazing voice tracks layered over coming from Chelsea Cutler make this song give a nice message along with a great song to dance to.

7. Keenan-Manhattan feat. Marc E. Basey & Skizzy Mars
I first heard this song a couple weeks after it came out, but right from the start and to this day whenever this song cycles through on m playlist i get this sense of empowerment and it makes me feel like i’m on cloud 9 and all my dreams will come true with a little bit of work. This song is a great confidence booster along with a chill track to please your ears.

6. Jon Bellion-For The Dreamers
This song has been out for a very long time but every time i listen it makes me think of having a bonfire and just overall having a great time with friends and family especially with the crescendo in the beginning.

5. Sol-Paint
I’ve always enjoyed this song because it always puts thoughts in my head of being at the beach with friends and just going with the flow and seeing what adventure life brings you on today without the stress of work and money.

4. Huntar-Your Favourite Worst Mistake
I personally love this song just because it has so many switches in lyrics and the beat to where you could one second be grinding out some free kicks on FIFA to running a marathon to cooking a 5 course meal for the President of France. It is beyond amazing and just downright crazy.

3. PANDA$-PARI$ (ft. Jutes)
The lyrics are what make this song great because it simply just places you in a simple but magical love story that is just so adorable and cute i wouldn’t mind experiencing it myself.

2. Round2Crew-Soda
This song also gives me a feeling of just sitting back and having a good time with friends and feeling the sun hit my skin as if it was the first time ever despite the stresses of life.

1. Jeremy Zucker-comethru
I love snapping and this song is my snapping song where you can literally listen to the song and enjoy the chill vibe and relatable lyrics along with snap and maybe even do a little dance to the beat.