Vote For Homecoming Royalty

Vote For Homecoming Royalty

Breah Turner, Staff Writer

With Fall Homecoming right around the corner, it’s time to vote for homecoming court. Junction City High School’s homecoming football game is Friday, Oct. 5th against Manhattan High with a dance to follow on Saturday, October 6, from 8-11 P.M. Each class has 6 candidates. The people of their class will vote for one female and one male to be homecoming king and queen for their class.

Freshmen Candidates

Damarion Sellers

Kenlin Ortiz,

Mauro Gonzalez,

Jashala Hekekia-Dixon,

Amaiya Rohan,

Kaya Sparks

Sophomore Candidates

Daniel Chang,

Bryson Abejon,

Blake Reed,

Amira Bivens,

Jocelyn Luke,

Chloe Welsh.

Junior Candidates

Jo Jo Nieves,

Nicholas Spellman,

Alejandro Ramos,

Laynee Chase,

Sarea White,

Adrianna Wilson-Rivera

Senior Candidates

Denzel Acheampong,

Nicholas Paradas,

Corbin Sanner,

Katelyn Craft,

Emma Schroeder,

Elisabeth Roe.

Once you decide who to vote for in your class, you can follow the link Then, under the Homecoming Elections section, click on your class. It will then ask for your student ID and your vote for homecoming royalty.