The Sims Mobile – Game Review


Olivia Knerr, Staff Writer

On March 16th, 2018, Electronic Arts released a new game, The Sims Mobile. Although this game was announced in May of 2017, it’s been highly anticipated by everyone in the simming community. The game was released in Brazil on May 9th of 2017 a great distance from when it released everywhere else, worldwide. The Sims Mobile is a life simulation game where you can create people, called sims, and live out their life. The new app increases the actions available in the game, more so than The Sims Freeplay. The Sims Freeplay was the game that was the original mobile game for the franchise, while it was a fun concept, it wasn’t a very good game.

Creating a sim is much more extensive compared to the Sims Freeplay. Players have the ability to change the nose shape and make it into your own, no more preset noses! Lips, head shapes, body, ears, and other features now have the ability to change and make them your own. The clothing presented in CAS (create a sim; a feature in the game where you create your characters) is from the multiple expansions and game packs from the PC version which are unlocked as players level up.

Every minute in the game is a minute in real time which is distinctly different from EA’s PC and desktop version, Sims 1, 2, 3 and 4. For doing something as simple as watching tv takes an actual five minutes to complete. The Sims Mobile introduced the time setting that is for the desktop/laptop game, one second in real time is one minute of time in the Sims’ game. The energy bar was also improved making it easier to gain more energy by napping and 2) reducing the amount of time to regain full energy

The levels in the game provide different life materials as you keep climbing the game level ladder. For example, at level two or three, you get to add another Sim and around level six or seven players receive the opportunity to get married. Eventually, players get the option to try for a baby (it is possible not to have one on the first try, just like real life.) and expand your household further. Different levels provide different items and choices.

The other sims you can interact with are either computer (or in this case, phone) generated or other player’s sims that players have friended! Players can develop relationship with them and progress life for the Sims you’re playing with. Storylines produce more options to the game. Storylines are a brand new interaction bar provided in the game for friends, enemies, and romantics.

There’s a storyline in the friend category called Sports Buddies described as ‘Two buddies who bond over a love of sports.” Another storyline for the friends category named BFFs Forever told as ‘A tale of two besties”. Romance categories are things like Love at First Sight, The Fixer Upper, and Tainted Love. They only get more wild and slightly not school appropriate. Enemies include but are not limited to Arch-Nemeses and Frenemies. The more you complete the chapters of the story the more you can unlock clothing items and possible furniture.

Another feature The Sims Mobile has is the chance to play with others and their sims! You add others by a friend code, which was given at the beginning of the game, and their sims will visit your house, attend parties, and weddings.

The game has already received a 4.7 out of 5 on iTunes and Google Play. The popularity is due to the graphics that (purposefully) resemble Sims 4 graphics, the storylines, job opportunities, and an easier energy bar as the previous game had. Sims Mobile is available to download for free in both app stores, download the game today to start creating and forming your own story.