Student Art Auction

Lexe West, Staff Editor

The schools within the Geary County school district all worked together to host a silent auction art gallery. The auction took place April 7th at the Junction City Opera House. Half of the money raised from selling the artwork went to funding for art scholarships given at the end of the year, while the other half went to the artists.

Students from all grades were able to participate, with the best art from elementary, middle, and high school being awarded with ribbons. The awards were voted on by the art teachers from the district.

Kennedy Cox placed first, with Mersadie Jaymes, Megan Burfict, Alanna Guerard and Mason Richards receiving Honorable Mentions.

“It feels reassuring because as an artist, it is easy to become insecure about your artistic abilities especially when there are so many other talented artists competing against you,” Kennedy Cox said. “Getting best in show at this auction verified that my artistic talent is worthy enough to be recognized.”

This year the school was able to raise $500 for scholarships for their students. The scholarship is rewarded in May to a qualifying art student. Every year the auction usually brings in close to $1,200 to $1,500 before returning the proceeds to the artists.

“I think every auction or art competition is important,” Cox said. “Just having your art displayed in an auction like this is amazing, because people can look and appreciate all types of creative perspectives.”

Students were able to volunteer their art for the auction, and they were also given the choice to sell it or not. Many different styles were shown at the auction ranging from woodwork, to pastels, to paint.

“Each artist that was in this auction has something unique about their art and I think this is really important for the community to be exposed to,” Cox said. “The money raised will also be so beneficial for whoever receives it.”