Prom Closet Provides Inexpensive Alternatives For Prom Dresses


Amber McCarthy

Prom dresses are available in room 217.

Amber McCarthy, Staff Writer

Every year many girls complain about the price of prom dresses and about not wanting to spend a lot of money. Instead of going out and spending hundreds of dollars on a dress, students can get a dress donated by members of the community from room 217 here at the high school.

Students interested in getting a dress can contact BIT secretary Mrs. Noriega for help. These dresses are open to anyone that’s in need of one.

“We have tons of dresses and I’d really like to give away a lot more. As of right now, I’ve only given out roughly five dresses,” Noriega said.

The dresses in this prom closet come from teachers, community members, military wives, and anyone that has prom dresses that could be used by students in need. Any prom dress a student picks out is theirs and they are welcome to keep it.

Additionally, Mrs. Noriega is working on getting gently used items for guys as well.

“I’m also working on trying to get things for guys, but as of right now I don’t have very many things for guys,” Noriega said.

Prom is Saturday, April 21st so don’t miss out on this opportunity.