Soccer Loses 2-1 In Overtime Game

Lexe West, Staff Editor

In a two-to-one loss after going into overtime, the Junction City soccer team fell to St. Marys Academy at Al Simpler Stadium. The game took place Wednesday, October 4th.

In the second half of the game, player Liam Post scored the one point that would send the team into over time. The score was a header made from the corner of the field. Four minutes into overtime St. Marys made the winning shot.

“I think we ended up losing because mid-field wasn’t rushing, they didn’t step to the ball and the keeper wasn’t prepared for the shot,” Donovan Espitia, number 9, said.

The soccer team currently has a 1-11 record, but they hope that by the end of the season they will be able to win more games and rise in the ranks.

“We do really good when the players have some passion, and that’s why we won against Highland Park,” Yuno Fernandez said.  “We were missing that kind of enthusiasm on Wednesday. It would help a lot if the other students came out to support us.”

The soccer team will be playing against Shawnee Heights October 10th in Tecumseh KS, and will have a home game against Witchita Independent High School October 12th.