Junior Committee Information


Lexe West

Ms. Oliver, head of the Junior Committee

Lexe West, Staff Editor

Students attending JCHS have a multitude of opportunities to join different clubs and participate in different activities. Among those activities is the Junior Committee. The committee, which is supervised by Ms. Oliver, held a meeting last week to promote member sign-ups and to talk about the different responsibilities of the club.

To participate in the Junior Committee all juniors must pay five dollars. As well as paying dues, in order to stay on the committee, you must attend as many meetings as you can, and participate in at least 2-3 concession stands.

There are some benefits to joining the committee such as being on the float for the homecoming parade and being able to make decisions for prom. Prom is the main objective for the Junior Committee and all money raised throughout the year will be used for decorations for prom in April. Members who have paid their dues will be able to help make decisions on the prom theme as well.

“Juniors should join the committee because we need help with prom set up and decisions,” said Ms. Oliver