Hard Work Pays Off for Prom


Marques Story

Students dancing at prom

Lexe West, staff writer

“Old Sport” was a popular catchphrase amongst students Saturday, May 6th as the Marriot housed the JCHS Gatsby themed prom.

The junior class had been saving for prom since their freshman year, and they allowed little to no room for disappointment with the well thought-out design and theme of this year’s prom.

” The juniors put in a lot of effort this year and it really paid off,” said Jadie Chauncy, a junior. “While I didn’t help out, I have friends who helped with the set-up and it’s obvious how hard they worked.”

Not only was the main room well decorated, but so were the side rooms. To the right of the room containing the dance floor and table arrangements were the “casino” where students could go play games such as blackjack with fake coins.

“I had a lot of fun this year,” said Alex Dunham, a senior. “This year’s prom was a lot better than last years. The overall design was better and it feels like more effort was put in.”

Not only was thought put into the visual appeals of prom, but special attention was paid to the songs that had been played at prom. Before Saturday, students were given the opportunity to make song suggestions that would then be added to the playlist. This chance for their personal opinions to be voiced allowed for the attendees to have fun and enjoy all of the music that had been played.

“I really enjoyed dancing,” said Dunham. “The music that was playing was really easy to get into and it was good dancing music. There wasn’t really a point where I wanted to sit down.”

The Gatsby theme was one that many students felt they could truly embrace. Many students took this golden opportunity to get into character and chose attire that would go along with the set up quite nicely. Some boys took to wearing fedoras while there were a few girls who wore dresses similar to what would have likely been seen in the Gatsby era.

Overall, this year’s prom was very successful and the students seemed to have truly enjoyed themselves. A lot of time and effort was put into making the dance a success.

“It’s so exciting to see everyone’s hard work finally come together,” said Ms. Barbie Savant, one of the sponsors for the Junior committee.