Promposals are not restricted to just JCHS students. Paola Noriega asks her friend from Salina South in a great way!

Jose Baquero, Sports reporter

It is that time of year. The time when people rent their tuxes and buy their dresses. People make dinner reservations and rent limos. What comes before all this though? The forever special promposal.

For those wondering what the heck a “promposal” is, its kind of a big deal. A promposal is a proposal to go to prom; makes sense right? A promposal usually consists of a poster of some type with a clever play of words that asks the person to prom. For example, is a guy is asking a soccer player to prom, a usual way to ask would be with a poster that says “let’s KICK it at prom?” These clever sayings vary across the board. Sushi, tacos, baseball, swimming, and much more have been used as subjects.

Great promposal from Sam Osenga. Representing those zombie lovers!

JCHS is no stranger to this. Students have asked their dates via promposal for years now. This has occurred all over the school, too! Popular promposal site include: the SET office, the BIT office, the commons and the parking lot. However, students have gone out of their way to ask after sporting events or practices, or even in their own homes.

Guys being guys however, would prefer to not go through this whole process. Ty Clark agrees that he would rather just ask someone regularly. However, he also said “its nice to make the girl feel special though, so its worth it.”

“We do it this way because the girls like the promposals better and it shows that you care more,” Lonnie Autry said.

Its getting kind of close to that special day, but if you have yet to ask that special someone, make sure its one to remember.