Student Spotlight: Morgan Deering


Lexe West

Morgan Deering

Lexe West, Staff Writer

This week Morgan Deering stands in the center of the student spotlight. Morgan is a very outgoing and fun sophomore apart of FAHS.

Lexe: What do you do in your free time?

Morgan: Most of my free time is spent either reading, doing homework, or swimming

Lexe: What do you want to do career wise?

Morgan: My dream job is to be a photojournalist at national geographic

Lexe: What college do you want to go to and why?

Morgan: I want to go to Northwestern because they have an amazing staff and campus location

Lexe: Do you plan on staying in JC? Why?

Morgan: No, not really. Junction City is a really small town, and I don’t like small towns

Lexe: What are three words you would use to describe yourself?

Morgan: Optimistic, determined, and unorganized

Lexe: What is your favorite part about photography?

Morgan: The fact there are so many different things in the world to take photographs of and even if the same two people were to photograph the same exact thing the photos would be so different. Photography is really individualized and there isn’t really ever a right or wrong. It’s all dependent on your style and the mindset of your viewers.

Lexe: What about English?

Morgan: If you’re asking about my favorite part it kinda goes along with why I like photography. You can express things in so many different ways and language is so beautiful. I just think overall it’s the most valuable subject- you’ll never learn anything more useful than being able to communicate with others.

Lexe: What is your favorite quote?

Morgan: My favorite quote it “Everyone thinks of changing the world but no one thinks of changing himself.” I love this because this makes me realize that all the things I complain about can be fixed and I just think it’s really nice

Lexe: What’s one thing you’ve learned this semester here at the main campus?

Morgan: This semester I’ve learned that eventually you come to a point in life where things stop coming super easy to you and when that time comes, you’re in for a wild ride.

Lexe: What are you most excited about that’s coming up within the next year?

Morgan: I’m super excited about swim season coming up after break, I miss it

Lexe: What’s your family life like?

Morgan: My family is great. I live with my mom and I have two sisters. I’d like to think we have it pretty good, it could definitely be a lot worse

Lexe: Where are you from?

Morgan: I’m from St. Louis, Missouri

Lexe: What’s your favorite sport that you are active in?

Morgan: Swimming, definitely

Lexe: Any key life advice?

Morgan: It’s super cheesy, but I feel like you shouldn’t underestimate yourself. People can genuinely do anything they strive for. Put in the work and things will come with time.

Lexe: What do you want people to remember about you?

Morgan: I don’t think I’ve done anything worth timeless memory, but if by chance people do remember me, I’d like them to remember me by my determination to succeed and the kindness I’ve shown other people. I can be a super big brat sometimes but I always try my hardest to make others feel as if their lives are worth just as much as anyone else’s.

Deering is a well-rounded student and is always open to conversation.