4 of the Weirdest Conspiracy Theories That People Believe

The human brain is almost wired to find conspiracy theories entertaining. Stemming from a love of figuring things out and drawing conclusions, your brain will commonly believe in these wacky theories due to cognitive biases.

Basically, you only believe in conspiracy theories for one of three reasons. Confirmation bias (when the theory fits something you already believe), Proportionality bias (the belief that a big event has to have a big cause), and illusory pattern perception (the tendency to see patterns where there are none).

The pairing between these potential reasons and the ‘wiring’ in your brain make conspiracy theories as exciting to you as candy is to 3-year-olds.

Here are 4 of the most outrageous conspiracy theories that people actually believe:

Reptilian Elite 

According to a pole done by Public Policy Polling (PPP), over 12 million Americans believe that Lizard People control politics and the ‘elite’ class.

David Icke, a prominent reptilian theorist and author of the books Children of the Matrix and The Biggest Secret, claims that reptilians have been controlling the Earth for thousands of years. According to Icke, people like Queen Elizabeth, the Clintons, and George W. Bush are all being controlled by reptilian aliens.

Groups like the Illuminati and the Freemasons are also said to be controlled by these reptilians.

These lizard people are said to come from the constellation Draco (a constellation that looks like a dragon and whose Latin name translates to huge serpent) and seek world domination.

Supporters of the theory go as far as to claim that celebrities like Justin Bieber have transformed into giant reptiles in public, with their body guards threatening those who witness the transformations.

For more information and tips on how to spot these reptilians, read “How to Spot the Reptilians Running the U.S. Government”

Queen Elizabeth is a Cannibal

During her time on the throne, Queen Elizabeth has had an array of interesting claims made against her–perhaps the most interesting of all being that she is a cannibal.

Hubert Humdinger, a cultural philosopher, says that the Queen is full of energy, and said that in order to be so vivacious, she must eat human flesh, as there is a great deal of spiritual energy contained in a muscle.

In addition to this claim made by Humdinger, a serviceman that worked on the electrical issues in the castle’s kitchen says that there was indeed human flesh inside of Queen Elizabeth’s private freezer, stretched out like bacon in clear packaging. The team the serviceman was working with saw the human remains as well, they say they pulled entire forearms and other limbs out of the freezer.


This claim may be supported by the fact that up until the late 18th century, British royalty ate human flesh medicinally.

Despite the fact that these claims have not been disputed by the royal family, there is hesitance among the public to accept these claims as truth. Humdinger, the philosopher who claimed that the Queen eats human flesh to maintain her energy, was exiled and had his work destroyed. As for the serviceman and his team, they refused to give their names to the press and thus there is no way to assess the validity of their statements.

The Moon is Fake

By far the most popular conspiracy theory about the moon is that the moon landing was faked. A potentially more interesting theory, however, is that not only was the moon landing fake, but so is the moon.


Moon skeptics say that the moon is a hologram, set up by the government in order to control citizens. A YouTube user who published a series on the moon being fake and took a photo of the moon in which he swears you can see electricity running through the moon, claims that no two moon maps are ever the same–and this can be accounted to the fact that the moon is not real.

There are astrophysicists who not only support the theory that the moon is a hologram, but also claim that our entire universe may be as well. There is more evidence supporting the theory of a holographic universe than there is for our theory of a traditional universe.


The ASL Ice Bucket Challenge is a Satanic Ritual 

ALS, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, is a nervous system disease that weakens muscles.  In 2015, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge became wildly popular, with celebrities like Will Smith and Oprah participating. This challenge was intended to generate revenue for research on the disease. Selena Owens, a writer for WorldDailyNet, however, claims that the challenge is not aimed toward raising awareness or money, but rather baptizing Americans for Lucifer.


Owen states that witches who were devoted to Satan were ‘cold to the touch’ and that is why ice water is poured over people as opposed to warm water. Additionally, the Ice Bucket Challenge is broken up into three steps: accept the challenge, pour water over yourself, and nominate others. Owens says that demonologists agree that this is a way to mock the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Fire is said to be cleansing, which is why witches were burned at the stake. Water has the opposite affect, and is said to open up the spirit for demonic possession.

Suspicions about this challenge were heightened when one of the founders of the challenge, Corey Griffin,  left an ALS fundraiser and proceeded to jumped off a building into the harbor, drowning.


DISCLAIMER: The Blue Jay Online does not support these theories and encourages readers to exercise critical thinking when assessing the validity of all articles and news sources.