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Junior Axle Ocasio discusses the last person who made her smile.

Birds of the Nest: Axel Ocasio

November 9, 2018

“The last person that made me laugh, I was at work last night [November 4] and we were short people. We got really busy, I work at McDonald’s so we have a lot of people coming in.

I took this girl’s order, but then I went back to the front to bag food because the screen was really full. Another guy took this old lady’s order, it was like a chocolate shake and some cookies. Usually when someone orders deserts like that we just serve it up, you’d think that the person that took the order would just grab it.

I was bagging food and calling out numbers, and the lady just kept looking at me. All the managers were up there.

I called out a number, and the lady looked at me. I called out another number and the lady looked at me. I go back up to bag another order and the lady goes, “Hello, where’s my order?”

All of us managers just looked at each other. We ignored her.

I bagged another person’s food and call out the number, and then she looks at me and says, “Hello? Where is my food?”

I looked at her and then I turned around. We were all just laughing, like ‘we just gonna ignore her’

She goes in to the front counter. She goes past the front counter and she’s like, “Where is my food? I ordered like, a long time ago. I still haven’t gotten what I needed.”

We were like, “ma’am you can not pass the counter,” but she was like, “I don’t care! I need my food right now!”

She went off. We were like, “What did you get?” and gave her her food.

It was just funny. You know the old lady from Chucky? She looked like that”

Birds of the Nest is an in-depth look at the significant moments in the life of individuals in our community. 

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