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Senior Reece Boland discusses the worst day of her life.

Birds of the Nest: Reece Boland

October 10, 2018

“The worst day of my life was when me, my brother, and my whole family found out that the Bramlages had passed away.

I remember we were playing cards at my dining room table and my mom got a call. She went into her bedroom, and then into her bathroom. She took a while, so me and my brother knew something was up, but we weren’t for sure what it was.

We went into my moms room, and we were waiting for her to get off the phone. We were laying down in my mom’s bed when my brother got a call from his friend Brody. That was when Brody told him that the Bramlages had been in a plane crash.

It was unbelievable at first. Still to this day I don’t believe it’s true.

I remember how upset my brother was. I was distraught for the family, they were very close to mine.

My brother had gone with Boston to many different K-State games, my brother went to their house so many times. I went to their house a little bit, I would play on the trampoline with Roxanne, but we weren’t as close as my brother and Boston. I was mostly upset for him, because he lost who was literally his best friend in the whole world. To see how upset he was for months made me so upset.

When we all found out we were bawling watching the news and we just couldn’t believe that it was true.

Every time I would pass by their house I would think about it and remember what a great family they were.”

Birds of the Nest is an in-depth look at the significant moments in the life of individuals in our community. 

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